Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Murray Hill Is a Never-Ending Frat Party

via Daily Intel by Julie Gerstein on 1/18/11

Murray Hill: where you move when you're trying to make college last forever. That's what the New York Times says, anyway. A profile on the neighborhood examines several of the neighborhood's dormlike high rises, like Windsor Court, which extends along an entire block of 31st Street. Recent college grads like Adam Greenberg move to Murray Hill because "Everyone knows everyone. If I don't know them, I'm sure I have a friend who knows them." Ditto for Joshua Schwadron, who says, "You leave college and you think you'll be nostalgic for your community, and you realize that the community never goes away — if you live in the right place." Like Windsor Court. Where, says Greenberg, people hang out all the time — going to bars and birthday parties, and drunkenly making out with each other. But besides the scores of readily available Facebook friends and hookup buddies, another great benefit to Murray Hill: the proximity to your Long Island parents and their free laundry facilities. "Your parents take the tunnel and they're right there," explains Murray Hill resident Heather Katz. Katz also noted that Murray Hill is not, like, as cool as it was before. When she tells people where she lives, Katz "say[s] it with a sarcastic tone because I'm making fun of myself."
In Murray Hill, the College Life Need Never End [NYT]
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