Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

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Provisions of the final bill

The final $787 billion version signed by President Obama on February 17, 2009 specifies that 34% of the package is to be devoted to tax cuts equalling $286 billion, and a further $120 billion will be used to fund infrastructure projects. 64% of the package will be allocated for money for social programs and spending. The following details some of the spending:

Department of Defense facilities
Total: $7.03 billion
$4.2 billion to repair and modernize Department of Defense facilities
$1.3 billion for medical care for service members and their families
$890 million to improve housing for service members
$240 million for new child development centers
$150 million for the construction of state extended-care facilities
$150 million for an increase of claims processing staff
$100 million to improve facilities of the National Guard

Total: $47 billion
$15.6 billion to increase Pell Grants by $500 to $5,350
$13 billion for low-income public schoolchildren
$12.2 billion for IDEA special education
$2.1 billion for Head Start
$2 billion for childcare services
$650 million for educational technology
$300 million for increased teacher salaries
$250 million for states to analyze student performance
$200 million to support working college students
$70 million for the education of homeless children

Total: $40.75 billion
$11 billion funding for an electric smart grid
$6.3 billion for state and local governments to make investments in energy efficiency
$6 billion for renewable energy power generation loans
$5 billion for weatherizing modest-income homes
$4.5 billion for state and local governments to increase energy efficiency in federal buildings
$3.4 billion for carbon capture experiments
$2.5 billion for energy efficiency research
$2 billion for car battery (traction) research
$500 million for training of green-collar workers
$400 million for electric vehicle technologies
$300 million to buy energy efficient appliances
$300 million for reducing diesel fuel emissions
$300 million for state and local governments to purchase energy efficient vehicles
$250 million to increase energy efficiency in low-income housing

Environmental cleanup
Total: $6.9 billion
$6 billion for the cleanup of radioactive waste
$600 million to cleanup hazardous waste that threaten health and the environment
$200 million to cleanup petroleum leaks from underground storage tanks
$100 million to evaluate and cleanup brownfield land

Government technology improvements
Total: $864 million
$500 million to update the computer center at the Social Security Administration
$290 million to upgrade IT platforms at the State Department
$50 million for IT improvements at the Farm Service Agency
$24 million to improve security systems at the Department of Agriculture headquarters

Total: $24.1 billion
$19 billion for health information technology
$2 billion for Community Health Centers
$1.1 billion to research the effectiveness of certain healthcare treatments
$1 billion to fight preventable chronic diseases
$500 million to train healthcare personnel
$500 million for healthcare services on indian reservations

Total: $12.69 billion
$4 billion for repairing and modernizing public housing
$2.25 billion in tax credits for financing low-income housing construction
$2 billion for Section 8 housing rental assistance
$2 billion to help communities purchase and repair foreclosed housing
$1.5 billion for rental assistance and housing relocation
$510 million for the rehabilitation of Native American housing
$200 million for helping rural Americans buy homes
$130 million for rural community facilities
$100 million to help remove lead paint from public housing

Hunger assistance
Total: $20.25 billion
$19.9 billion for the Food Stamp Program
$150 million to help refill food banks
$100 million for meals programs for seniors, such as Meals on Wheels
$100 million for free school lunch programs

Job assistance
Total: $4.97 billion
$3.95 billion for job training
$500 million for vocational training for the disabled
$400 million for employment services
$120 million for subsidized community service jobs for older Americans

Other infrastructure projects
Total: $17.355 billion
$4.6 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers for environmental restoration, flood protection, hydropower, and navigation infrastructure projects
$4 billion for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (wastewater treatment infrastructure improvements)
$2 billion for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (drinking water infrastructure improvements)
$1.38 billion for rural drinking water and waste disposal projects
$1 billion to the Bureau of Reclamation for drinking water projects for rural or drought-likely areas
$750 million to the National Park Service
$650 million to the Forest Service
$515 million for wildfire prevention projects
$500 million for Bureau of Indian Affairs infrastructure projects
$340 million to the Natural Resources Conservation Service for watershed infrastructure projects
$320 million to the Bureau of Land Management
$280 million for National Wildlife Refuges
$280 million for the National Fish Hatchery System
$250 million to improve Job Corps training facilities
$220 million to the International Boundary and Water Commission to repair flood control systems along the Rio Grande
$220 million for other public lands management agencies
$50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts to support artists

Other job programs
Total: $5.51 billion
$4 billion for state and local law enforcement agencies
$1 billion in preparation for the 2010 census
$210 million to build and upgrade fire stations
$150 million for the security of transit systems
$150 million for the security of ports

Other worker assistance programs
Total: $7.27 billion
$4.2 billion to provide an additional Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance payment in 2009
$1 billion to community action agencies
$1 billion for community and economic development projects
$500 million to help the Social Security Administration process disability and retirement claims
$200 million for AmeriCorps programs
$140 million for independent living communities
$100 million for food, shelter and support services
$80 million to the Department of Labor Worker Protection and Oversight agency to enforce worker protection laws
$50 million in grants for community "safety net" organizations

Scientific research
Total: $17.55 billion
$8.7 billion to the National Institutes of Health
$3 billion to the National Science Foundation
$2 billion to the United States Department of Energy
$1.3 billion for university research facilities
$1 billion to NASA
$600 million to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
$580 million to the National Institute of Standards and Technology
$230 million for NOAA operations, research and facilities
$140 million to the United States Geological Survey

Telecommunications and Digital TV
Total: $7.85 billion
$7.2 billion for complete broadband and wireless Internet access
$650 million for DTV conversion coupons and DTV education

Transportation projects
Total: $48.76 billion
$27.5 billion for highway and bridge construction projects
$8 billion for high-speed rail projects
$6.9 billion for new equipment for public transportation projects
$1.5 billion for competitive grants to state and local governments for transportation investments
$1.3 billion for Amtrak
$1.1 billion for improving airport security
$750 million for the construction of new public rail transportation systems
$750 million for the maintenance of existing public transportation systems
$720 million for improving security at the border and ports of entry
$240 million for the maintenance of United States Coast Guard facilities

Veterans Affairs facilities
Total: $1.05 billion
$1 billion for the Veterans Health Administration
$50 million for the National Cemetery Administration

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